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What to Do When An iPhone Won’t Turn On

WRITTEN BY Tina ON Aug 31, 2015

“I was using my iPhone 6 Plus and it unexpectedly shut down, despite there was still battery power left. When I tried to restart it, nothing happened after waiting for ten minutes.” If your iPhone is facing the same problem, don’t worry. You can follow the instructions in this article and try each of these steps to see if it helps reboot your device again.

iphone not turn on

Solutions to “iPhone Won’t Turn On”

Method 1. Charge your iPhone
If your iPhone is completely out of battery, it won’t respond to you, so you cannot turn it. You need to connect your iPhone to a charger and let it charge for a while. A few minutes later, it should turn itself on.

Method 2: Perform a hard reset
iPhone might display a black screen if something goes wrong in the iOS updating process. If you try to restart it yet it doesn’t work, you can perform a “hard reset” to fix this. To do this, keep holding the “Power” button and “Home” button for more than 5 seconds to shut down your iPhone. Then press to “Power” button to restart your iPhone.

Method 3: Restore iPhone with iTunes

Step 1: Connect the USB cable to computer

Step 2: Turn off your iPhone.
Press the “Power” button to turn off your iPhone. If your iPhone is unresponsive, then long press the “Home” button and “Power” button to shut down your device.

Step 3: Connect iPhone to PC
Keep pressing the “Home” button, and connect iPhone to PC, until you see iTunes appear on the iPhone screen If you see a battery appear on the screen, let your iPhone charge for at least 10 minutes. Then you can follow step 2 to turn off your iPhone.

Step 4: Open iTunes on PC
Then you will see a message on iTunes that says “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.” If iTunes not open after two minutes, please open iTunes by yourself.

Step 5: Restore iPhone via iTunes
When your iPhone is in recovery mode, you can download the firmware needed via iTunes to restore your iPhone. If you choose to restore iPhone, you need to download the firmware first yourself. If you choose to update iPhone, then iTunes will automatically download the latest iOS version for your iPhone 6 Plus.

Method 4: Ask Apple Support for help
You can seek service from Apple Support if restoring the iPhone did not solve the issue.

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iPhone Won't Turn On

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