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Take Photos Even iPhone Says “Not enough storage space”

WRITTEN BY Tina ON Aug 19, 2015

“One day I met some things amazing and I wanted to take a picture for it with my iPhone. However, there was a message pops up that says “Not enough storage space”, how can I resolve this problem?”

Some iPhone users might be annoyed by an embarrassing situation: “Cannot Take Photo-There is not enough available storage to take a photo.” It is quite a common thing for those love taking lots of photos with their iPhone yet they never clear up or back up their photos on iPhone. If your device is full of photos that there is no more room of any additional pictures, you can use the method we are going to tell you in this article which can save you day!

Although you’ve been told that there is not enough available storage to take a photo in Camera, you can still use other apps in you iPhone to take a photo. For example, you can open “Message”, and click on the camera button to take a photo or video.

not enough storage space
take picture in message

After you take photo, click on the “Use Photo” button and you will see the photo you take is saved in the message box temporarily. Then click on the delete button to delete the message, after that you can go to “Photos” to check on the photo just taken by you.

Besides, you can achieve the same purpose with a third party app like Instagram that installed on your iPhone. Any third party photo app with camera support should work.

The most effective way to avoid this problem is to clear up your photos on iPhone from time to time. And it is necessary to back up you iPhone photos too.

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Take Photos with Little Space in iPhone

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