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How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup

WRITTEN BY Tina ON April 20, 2015

We used to think that only those who have professional photography skill can take beautiful photos and that’s why they are willing to share their photos with others in public. However, things are changing dramatically now. Because everybody likes taking photos and posts them on the Internet no matter how good or bad their photography skill is. Anyway, sharing is all about the point. When the more and more photos are occupying space on iPhone, you have no other choice but to delete some of them for space-saving. But later on, you find out that some important photos have been deleted unconsciously but it is too late to notice.

If you are stuck in this trouble now, you are very lucky to be told that those deleted or lost photos can be retrieved back as long as you have iCloud Backups. You may ask: how could it be? If you keep reading and know more about FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery, then you will find out the answer yourself.

iPhone Data Recovery is a great helper for people who want to recover lost data from iCloud backup files. If you cannot find your contacts, videos, photos, text messages, calendars or bookmarks and so on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you can retrieve them back by using this software. In order to be more detailed, we are going to tell you how to retrieve photos from iCloud backups step by step. Keep reading and follow us please.

You can download the trial version here and try to recover data by following the bellow instructions.


How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup

Step 1: Go into your iCloud account

Before you continue the following steps, please make sure that you have your iCloud backup files already. Ok, now you can launch the program after installing. When you see “Recover from iCloud Backup File” on the left column, click it. Then you will be told to sign in iCloud account by entering your Apple ID and password.

how to retrieve photos from icloud
Step 2: Download and extract iCloud backup files

The program will show your backup files on iCloud account automatically, you can have a look at them then choose the one you like. Then click “Download”, after that the backup files will be saved on your computer. You have to select “Download” again to extract the backups.

retrieve photos from icloud
Step 3: Preview photos on iCloud

Now you can preview all data on iCloud backup files. You can see the categories on the left column, please choose “Camera Roll” if you only need to preview photos. Because it can save a lot of time. And mark down the photos you are looking for while previewing.

retrieving photos from icloud
Step 4: Retrieve photos from iCloud

If you have nothing need to recover except for photos, then click “Recover” button to retrieve you photos back on computer. All the data can only be save on computer for now. Please be aware of this point.

retrieve photos from icloud backup

iPhone Data Recovery is so reliable that you can trust it more than you can imagine. It is easy for people in any ages from children to the elders. With its clear guides, you can recover deleted or lost data including contacts, text messages, contacts, notes, videos and more from your iPhone. It is indeed a software you cannot miss.

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Retrieve Photos from iCloud

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