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How to Restore Notes from iCloud

WRITTEN BY Tina ON May 6, 2015

I was trying to clear data from my old iPhone and I accidentally deleted all my “notes” from the “mail” program. Is there any way to restore notes back to my iPhone from my last iCloud backup file?

-- Jay

Notes is a very useful feature on iPhone which can reminds you of the important events or information taken previously. With its help, you may no longer need to take a notebook with you in order to keep things in mind. But there is one thing you need to know, that notes on iPhone are more likely to be lost because you might have the risk of deleting all of them by tapping your finger into the wrong places. Then how to restore notes if you accidentally deleted all of them on iPhone are gone?

If I were you, I will restore notes from iCloud by using iPhone Data Recovery. And iCloud backup files is very necessary if you want to retrieve notes from iCloud. If you need to restore more contents like text messages, call history, videos from your iPhone, there is no doubt that this software can help as well. Because it is designed to manage deleted data recovery. Now I will show you how to restore notes from iCloud with specific steps.

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How to Restore Notes from iCloud

Step 1: Select “Recover from iCloud Backup File”

Run iPhone Data Recovery on PC or Mac after downloading and installing. Then go to the third solution “Recover from iCloud Backup File” to log in iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

restore notes from icloud
Step 2: Download iCloud backup file to scan

When you enter iCloud account, you will see several backup files inside. Select the backup file you want and then click “Download” restore it on computer. But you need to wait for a moment because this program will need some time to download the all the files.

how to restore notes from icloud
Step 3 Preview and restore notes from iCloud

When all files are downloaded, you can preview them on the program according to different categories. On the left column, you will see all data including photos, call history, messages etc. But you can go directly to “Notes” to take a preview. After that, you can choose the items you need then click “Recover” to retrieve them on PC or Mac.

retrieve notes from icloud

iPhone Data Recovery is a professional tool for iPhone users who face issues about recovering deleted data. If you have deleted notes on iPhone and worried about how to get them back, you can try to use this software. It can help you restore note from iCloud. But don’t take it for granted that this software can only recover deleted notes, actually, it can recover most of the data such as deleted text messages, photos, contacts etc. from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Restore Notes from iCloud

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