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How to Restart or Reset iPhone and iPad

WRITTEN BY Tina ON July 8, 2015

Many iPhone or iPad users might have tried to restart or reset their devices when there is something wrong with their iPhone or iPad. For example, when it is dead, doesn’t wake up from sleep or acts improperly. But if you don’t know the tricks to restart or reset your iOS device, you are only making things worse. In this article, it will show you how to restart or reset iPhone and iPad with detailed instructions. And what’s more, if you find out your iPhone data are missing after rebooting or resetting, you can use iPhone Data Recovery to recover all data on computer.

iPhone Data Recovery is a magnificent recovery tool that can retrieve iPhone or iPad data including photos, videos, contacts, text messages, notes etc. on your PC. Just a few clicks, you can regain the lost data in a fast and safe way.

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Method 1. How to Restart iPhone or iPad
Method 2. How to Reset iPhone or iPad
Method 3. How to Recover Data from iPhone/ iPad with iPhone Data Recovery

Method 1. How to Restart iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Press and hold down the “Sleep/Wake” button at the top of your iPhone or iPad until the power-off slider appears on the screen. Then release the “Sleep/Wake” button.

Step 2: Tap on the “Slide to power off” button and drag it from left to right.

Step 3: When the iPhone/iPad is shut off, hold the “Sleep/Wake” button again until you see the Apple logo. After that, your device is starting up again. Now let go of the “Sleep/Wake” button and wait for your device to finish rebooting.

how to restart my iphone

Method 2. How to Reset iPhone or iPad

Restart your iPhone cannot solve all problem especially when your iPhone is completely dead and won’t respond to any input. Then you will need a hard reset on your device which is more powerful that it not only restarts the iPhone or iPad, but also refreshes the memories of the apps run on your device. Most of the time you won’t need to hard reset your iPhone or iPad, but when you do, you can follow the steps here to fix your device.

Step 1: Hold the “Sleep/Wake” button and “Home” button of the device at the same time.

Step 2: Keep holding the buttons until you see the screen go black. In some cases, you might have to keep holding them even after the red power-off slider appears. When it appears, just keep holding the buttons.

Step 3: Wait until the silver Apple logo shows up. Then you can release the button and let the device reboot.

Note: Restore iPhone to Factory Settings: If you need to sell your iPhone or solve some tough issues on our iPhone or iPad by wiping all the data from the device, you can try restoring it to factory settings.

how to restart my iphone

Method 3. How to Recover Data from iPhone/ iPad with iPhone Data Recovery

In this method, we will show you how to recover data from iPhone or iPad via iTunes backup files by using iPhone Data Recovery. You must have synced iPhone or iPad to iTunes previously so that you can retrieve data from iTunes backup files.

Step 1: Choose “Recover from iTunes Backup Files”

Download, install and run iPhone Data Recovery on PC. Then you will see an interface with three recovery modes. Go to “Recover from iTunes Backup Files” on which you will see all your previous backup files.

how to restart your iphone
Step 2: Scan one backup file on the program

Choose one backup from the list, then click on “Start Scan” to continue. Then the program will start to scan all content on your backup files. The process will take less than one minute.

how to restart my iphone
Step 3: Preview and recover lost data from iTunes backup files

Once scanned, all data will be listed according to different categories. And you need to uncheck all categories by clicking on your device before previewing the data you need. Then you can selectively click on the categories you want to take a preview and go to “Recover” to save them on PC.

how can i restart my iphone

Now you must know how easy it is to restart and reset iPhone by following the steps. Besides, iPhone Data Recovery enables users to recover data including photos, text messages, videos, contacts etc. from iTunes backup files. The whole process is easy, quick and efficient.

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Restart or Reset iPhone and iPad

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