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How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

WRITTEN BY Tina ON May 5, 2015

Hey, I just dropped my iPhone in my toilet and it’s the iPhone 5. I saw the red sensor on the top next to the front camera inlet died. I’m scared that it won’t work. What should I do to fix water damaged iPhone? Help!

-- Jackson

It is really a nightmare to everybody when their iPhone gets wet for whatever reasons. What will you do to when your iPhone drops in water? Well, my friend chose to give up and abandon his iPhone 5 when he carelessly dropped his iPhone into toilet, then he bought an iPhone 6 two days later. Water damage is a common problem really, but we don’t have to throw it away when it gets wet. So, what on earth can we do to fix water damaged iPhone?

This article can tell you how to repair water damage iPhone. According to different situations, you can choose different ways to solve the problem. If you find out that your data on iPhone have lost because of the water damage, you can use iPhone Data Recovery to recover iPhone data from iCloud. iPhone Data Recovery is designed for recover lost date like photos, messages, videos etc. This article will show you how to do it step by step.

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Three solutions are included in this software to recover photos from iPhone.

Method 1: How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone
Method 2: How to Recover Lost Data from iCloud Backup File

Method 1: How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

Altogether there are three situations you would meet, and for different situations you should choose different methods.

Situation 1: iPhone drops into clean water while connected to electricity

1. You should turn off the electricity first.

2. Then shake the water out of your iPhone to get it dry.

3. Put your device under heat source like the desk-lamp or spotlight for drying. It takes more than 6 hours to finish this step and please be patient. When it is done, you can turn off the electricity and use you iPhone again.

Situation 2: iPhone drops into non-corrosive liquid without power-connected

1. Under this situation, you should know that you device is fine expect for its screen. You can shake off the water to dry it.

2. Then check the screen of your device. If there is nothing on it, then use step 3 of situation 1 to dry your iPhone. But if there is something left on the screen, you must not take the step 3 of situation 1 to dry the iPhone. Because the screen might be damaged even though it is still working. You should return it to the maintenance department for repairing or disassemble it to get it dry.

Situation 3: iPhone drops into corrosive or dirty water while power-on or power-off

It is the most complicated situation of all. But there is still a way to fix this problem.

1. Turn off the power.

2. Wash the device by suing clean water or put the device into clean water to dilute the corrosive liquid.

3. Disassemble the device step by step and then use the alcohol or special water to clean it. (Or you can send the components to the maintenance department for cleaning and assembling.

If you know how to fix water damage iPhone now, but you suddenly found pictures disappeared on your iPhone, then you can keep reading on. Because the next part we are going to talk about how to restore iPhone photos from iCloud and together with other files, such as messages, contacts, videos, notes, etc. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Method 2: How to Recover Lost Data from iCloud Backup File

Step 1: Sign in iCloud with Apple ID and password

After downloading and installing iPhone Data Recovery on your computer, you can launch the program. Then choose “Recover from iCloud Backup”. After that, log in iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

iphone water damage repair
Step 2: Choose and download iCloud backup file

When sign in iCloud, you can see all backup files on the screen. Then you can choose the one you want and then click “Download” and save it on the computer. But the downloading process will last for a while, please wait patiently until the whole process is done.

iphone 5 water damage repair
Step 3: Preview and recover lost data from iCloud

After the backup file has been downloaded, you can preview all data on the computer. And it is ok for you to select specific items for previewing. Then choose the items you want to recover and click “Recover” to save them on your PC.

how to fix water damaged iphone 4

iPhone Data Recovery can recover lost data in many ways. Except for recovering data from iCloud, it can also be used to recovery data from iTunes or you iPhone directly.

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Repair Water Damaged iPhone

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