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How to Print Text Messages from iPhone

WRITTEN BY Tina ON July 13, 2015

The spread of smartphone technology has greatly promoted exchanges between people. Sending messages via iPhone is one of the important means of communication with friends, colleagues and family. Normally iPhone will save your text messages on Messaging app, and you can set up the time that messages saved on iPhone by going to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages. If you choose to save text messages on iPhone forever, they will take up much iPhone storage space and will be easy to lose because of accidental removal, iPhone damaged or iOS update.

So the safest way is to back up your text messages to computer in readable formats. Then you can print SMS from iPhone for some legal purposes in civil cases and criminal trials. iPhone Transfer can help you print text messages from iPhone with time and date easily and safely.

Download the trial version and have a try!


How to Print Text Messages from iPhone

Step 1: Download iPhone Transfer and Launch it on PC

You need to download iPhone Transfer and install it first on computer. Open iPhone Transfer and follow the direction to connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable.

how to print text messages from iPhone
Step 2: Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer

Next, you need to tap SMS at the left sidebar of the window. Then you can preview detailed contents of text messages on the right interface. Select those text messages you want to print. Then click “Export to” > “Export Selected Messages” or “Export all Messages” to save them on computer as a format of CSV File, HTML File or TXT File. All these formats can be viewable on computer.

how to print text messages from iPhone
Step 3: Print Text Messages from iPhone

Connect a printer to your computer, and chose the text messages to print out. All of file formats you transfer from iPhone via iPhone Transfer can be printed out with detailed date and time.

Now your iPhone text messages are safe on your PC in the viewable format. You can print text messages whenever you want. Besides, iPhone Transfer is able to transfer various types of data, such as music, contacts, videos and more between iOS devices with a few clicks like from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6/6 Plus. Once you have installed it on your computer, you don’t need to connect any networks or Wi-Fi during transferring process. Now have it installed and give it a shot.

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Print iPhone Text Messages

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