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iPhone 6s to Offer 'Motion' Animated Wallpapers Like Apple Watch

WRITTEN BY Tina ON Sep 1, 2015

The iPhone 6s is to be launched at Apple’s September 9 event, and a new feature of the upcoming iPhone 6s has been unveiled recently. It is said that the new iPhones will include a collection of improved animated wallpapers which is one of the great design in Apple Watch.

animated wallpaper in iphone 6s

According to sources from 9to5Mac, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be loaded with the new animated wallpapers for the lock screen. The design of the wallpapers will be similar to the wallpapers on Apple Watch. It will change and animate every time the users wake their iPhone.

apple watch wallpapers

It is reported that the themes of the wallpaper in iPhone 6s will be different from those of Apple Watch, for example there will be a koi pond fish and different color smoke clouds in the new iPhone 6s. While we can see jellyfish, butterfly and flowers on Apple watch.

Apple introduced dynamic wallpapers in iOS 7 but the options were limited. Now we might be able to see a great number of different animated wallpapers in iPhone 6s. And a leaked photo of the unassembled box of iPhone 6s Plus was revealed, and it shows the iPhone 6s Plus box with the image of a koi pond-like fish images.

In order to present the dynamic wallpapers on Apple Watch, Apple has asked its photographer to capture the great images of nature. And it is believed that there will be wonderful wallpapers appearing on the new iPhone 6s as well.

iphone 6s motion wallpapers
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Motion Animated Wallpapers of iPhone 6s

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