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iPhone Backup Extractor: How to Extract iPhone Backup Files

WRITTEN BY Tina ON April 23, 2015

For iPhone users, it is always a good habit as well as a brilliant idea to back up iPhone files on iTunes or iCloud. Why? The reason is quite simple. You know, it is the same reason why you have to back up your important business files on your computer. Because you surely don’t want to take the risk of destroying the business once you suddenly miss the files somehow. It always helps to keep a backup. And here come the questions: Do you have any idea about how to extract iPhone backup files from iTunes? Do you know what iPhone Backup Extractor is? You do not have to feel embarrassed if your answer is no. Because we are just trying to help more people know how to use iPhone backup extractor to extract iPhone backup files from iTunes.

iPhone Data recovery is the best answer for the two questions mentioned above. It has the power to assist iPhone users to extract iPhone backup in an instant manner. In addition, with the assistance of this software, you are able to recover lost data from iTunes backup files easily. Read this article and learn the skill by heart, you will need it one day for yourself or your family!

Download the trial version and try to extract the backup files (Both Windows or Mac version are available)


How to Extract Backup Files on iPhone

Step 1: Install and launch the software

If you have downloaded the software already, please install and run the program after that. It is not necessary to connect your iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) to the computer. That is to say, if you don’t have your iPhone with now, it won’t be a problem at all. You can extract backup files without your iPhone stays you.

Step 2: Go to option 2 “Recover from iTunes Backup File”

When you enter this option, you will see the backup files, probably more than one backup. Then choose the one you need and click it for the next step.

iphone backup extractor
Step 3: Scan the backup files

Click “Start Scan” to scan the backup files, the program will finish the process automatically. Please remember to keep waiting until the process is done.

extract iphone backup
Step 4: Preview and extract the backup files

When scanning is finished, you are available to preview all the data in a detail way. Also, it is easy for you to look for specific items because the data are listed in different categories. You can click “Only display the deleted item” to find out the content you want in a faster way. Finally, you can choose “Recover” to extract the backup files on your computer.

extract itunes backup

iPhone Data Recovery knows all you need and it supports you to extract iTunes backup, and that it leads you to find out the methods to recover lost data from iTunes backup file. It is not just a piece of software to you, it is more like a friend to you who would sacrifice its energy and time to help without any compliant. Trust it, and use it for your own good!

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