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iOS 9 Gets Smarter Maps with Automatic Directions Feature

WRITTEN BY Tina ON Aug 29, 2015

So far iOS 9 has been released for more than a month; maybe some users might think that the iOS 9 is not what they are expecting for so they would rather reset their devices to iOS 8.4 once gain. But have you noticed that there is a hidden tweak in iOS 9? It can suggest desired apps for users depending on their habits. How amazing is that!

tweak in ios 9

For example, a Twitter user @17baileybug noticed that every morning when she gets up, her iPhone will say “Good morning” to her and automatically recommend an app “Pandora”.

app Pandora

Likely, it also happened to another Twitter user @mhp, every morning he will receive the CBC Radio app after he wakes up because he is used to launching this app at every morning. And the iOS 9 system can remember this habit of its user so it suggests this app for him. every day.

app cbcradio

Except for time and habits, iOS 9 can recommend desired apps for its users based on their geographic location. A Twitter user @sportstime407 found that iOS 9 will send an app called Disney World based on his location.

app disney world

If you use your headphones a lot, you can active this predictive system in iOS 9 once you are using headphone and your iPhone is running iOS 9. Owen Williams, the editor of TNW discovered that when he put his headphones on, iOS 9 will send his Sound Cloud, the same app that he will use every day on his way to work.

app soundcloud

How do you feel about the upcoming iOS 9 now after what I’ve introduced in this article? Compared with iOS 8, iOS 9 is smarter because it will send what you need and desired apps according to your usual habits. Actually this feature has been introduced at WWDC this year, but no one will truly understand how amazing it is until they have used it for real.

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iOS 9 Automatic Directions Feature

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