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iOS 9 Features: What Are The Hidden New Features in iOS 9

WRITTEN BY Tina ON July 30, 2015

Apple has made a number of tweaks to iOS 9, including the minor improvement on the Notification Center. Compared with the Notification Center in iOS 8, the updated one in iOS 9 is more user-friendly and functional, and performance enhancements have been made for iPad.

ios 9 notification center

One of the most common complaints about the Notification Center in iOS 8 is that it fails to clear all notification alerts from apps quickly. If users are required to clear alerts on an app-by-app basis, it will cause lots of inconvenience to clear all the notifications that may have sent out alerts. Now with iOS 9, the alerts are sorted based on date which means users can clear all notifications from today, yesterday or any specific date they like. If you prefer the old style of app-by-app listings, you can revert to that method by choosing the option in the Settings.

ios 9 today view wedgit

Apple has also added a new built-in “Batteries” widget on Today view, and it is used to display the battery life of both the iPhone and a connected Apple watch. This widget is not available if an Apple Watch is not paired to the iPhone. If you scrolling down to the bottom of the Today view, and tap “Edit” you can easily add a new widget. And a new “Find My Friends” widget is also included in the new design features.

On the iPad, with the advantage of the larger screen, Notification Center in iOS 9 uses a different viewing mode. The “Today” “View” widgets are displayed on the left side while app notification alerts are displayed on the right. The Batteries widget is not available on iPad.

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iOS 9 Features

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