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How to Fix Failed Touch ID

WRITTEN BY Tina ON Aug 14, 2015

Though Touch ID on iPhone is a marvelous design, it has its problems too like it fails to recognize the fingerprint or it is suddenly not working sometimes. In this article, we will show you how to make Touch ID work better by following the tips here.

How to set up Touch ID on iPhone accurately

It is necessary for you to set up Touch ID with your fingerprint so that your fingerprint can be recognized by your iPhone.

touch id

Two parts are included to set up Touch ID. First, you need to “Place Your Finger”. It requires you to repeatedly lift up and place your finger on the Home Button. During the process, your iPhone will vibrate and when it is vibrating, it means you need to place your finger on your device.

When you finished the first part, you have to do the next called “Adjust Your Grip”. This time you need to apply your finger from different angles which can improve the accuracy of the Touch ID sensor because you cannot make sure to place your finger on the exactly same place every time you use your device.

Tips for you:

1.Adjust the angles
When you set up your Touch ID, you need to put your finger vertically on the button, and then move your finger from different angles to increase the accuracy of the Touch ID.

2.Set up with different fingers
You can scan five fingers altogether. If you have trouble enrolling one finger, try another. Go to “Settings”>”Touch ID and Passcode”> touch an added fingerprint, then you will see the fingerprint on the list is flashing which means Touch ID is recording more data every time you touch it.

touch id fails

3.Make sure that your fingers have touched the ring around the home button
The sensor of Touch ID consists of many parts and the ring is one of the most important apartments that used to improve the recognition rate of Touch ID. That’s why you need to touch the ring with your finger instead of placing it simply in the middle of the home button.

Why Touch ID fails? The possible reasons are as follow:

1.Your finger or iPhone is not dry or your device is kept at a low temperature
Touch ID sensor recognizes your fingerprint through the static electricity and the heat of your finger. Then if there is liquid on your finger or home button, it will fail to scan. So you need to make sure that you finger and iPhone is dry. The low temperature will interfere with the scan too.

2.Reboot your iPhone
You are not able to unlock you iPhone with Touch ID out of the security reason, and you need to enter you passcode in order to use your Touch ID again.

3.Home button is not clean
If the home button on your device gets dirty, it will affect the recognition somehow. However, it is hard to keep our fingers clean all the time. Then all you need to do is just to wipe up the home button with a clean cloth then your Touch ID problems will be fixed.

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Fix Failed Touch ID

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