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iOS 9 Beta 4 with iPod Touch Support and Volume Button Photos

WRITTEN BY Tina ON Aug 10, 2015

ios 9 beta 4

Apple has released iOS 9 beta 4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to developers. What are the changes and new features of iOS 9 beta 4? Resources show that Apple has added several tweaks including Home Sharing for Music, iPod touch support, new Notifications icon and Handoff feature.

Home Sharing

Apple has removed Home Sharing for Music in iOS 8.4. But iTunes chief Eddy Cue said that Apple would re-add the feature in iOS 9 beta 4.

home sharing

iPod touch Support

People who purchased one of the new A8-based iPod touch devices last week can upgrade their device to iOS 9 beta 4. Apple has added a new installation profile for the device in the newly released beta.

Volume Button Photos

In iOS 9 beta 3, there was a bug that stopped the volume button from working as a shutter button for the iOS camera. Now Apple fixed this bug in beta 4 so that users can shot photos with the volume buttons on their device now.

Notifications Icon

In “Settings” app, the icon that represents the “Notification” setting has been updated. It is changed with a new red color.

notification center

Picture in Picture for Podcasts

The iOS 9 beta 4 allows users to run the Picture in Picture option along with the Podcasts app.


The Handoff feature in the App Switcher has been moved to the bottom of the interface. But this feature was displayed in the app carousel previously.

handoff feature

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Features of iOS 9 Beta 4

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