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How to Export Notes from iPhone

WRITTEN BY Tina ON April 24, 2015

Having an iPhone is probably one of the best experience in life. For iPhone users, I personally think that they are very lucky because the possession of an iPhone makes their lives become so much easier. Many functions which iPhone contains represent not just tools, but more like the habits of people’s life. For example, notes taken about shopping, meeting and passwords on iPhone is very important habit for we have regarded it as recorded history of our daily life. By looking back at the notes, we can recall those good old memories. We will have the feeling that our life is real and fully lived.

If you want to quickly extract iPhone notes from iTunes/iCloud backups and then export them to your computer, you can come and find a powerful software called FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery.

iPhone Data Recovery can not only export notes from iPhone to computer but also recover lost data on iPhone. For all lost or deleted data, you can retrieve them back with this powerful and efficient software in just few simple steps. To recover, or not to recover, it is all up to you! This software will never give up on you.

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How to Export Notes from iTunes Backup File

Step 1: Select and Scan iTunes backup file first

The first step is to launch the program then go straight to “Recover from iTunes Backup File” option.

export notes from iphone
Step 2: Start to scan it

Then choose the backup you want by clicking it. After that, move on to “Start Scan” for data scanning.

transfer notes from iphone
Step 3: Preview and recover notes from iTunes backup file

When the system is scanning your data from iTunes backup file, it is very important to wait until the whole process is finished. After that, you can take a look at the data for as much detail as you would like to be. Then choose the notes you need by clicking “Notes”. The last thing to do is to go to “Recover” to get them saved on computer!

how to export notes from iphone

When it comes to export notes from iPhone, iPhone Data Recovery is worth trying. It allows iPhone users to recover lost data from text messages, call history, notes, photos and videos as so on. You will never know how great this software is if you dare not have a try!

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Export Notes from iPhone

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