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What Makes the New iPod Touch 6 Better than iPod Touch 5

WRITTEN BY Tina ON Aug 5, 2015

Apple formally announced the iPod touch 6th Gen last week. With three new colors, the new iPod touch has numerous upgraded features compared with its previous version. Here is a detailed comparison between the two devices which covers the CPU speed and the gameplay performance the devices carry.

The new iPod touch runs much faster whenever you want to turn on an app, start a game or camera. You can enjoy a better 3D graphics performance in games using the upgraded version of iPod touch.

First of all, both loaded with iOS 8.4, the new iPod touch with 64-bit A8 CPU scores 1386 in a single core while 1449 in a multi-core, and the previous iPod touch with A5 processor scores 217 in a single-core while 416 in a multi-core. There is no doubt that the iPod touch 6th gen runs much faster in gameplay.

ipod touch 6 vs ipod touch 5

Take Leo’s Fortune as an example, the new iPod touch is 5 seconds faster than its predecessor when launch the game. What’s more, when doing a test for 3D MARK IceStorm, the iPod touch 6 runs smoothly while the iPod touch 5 runs in a slow speed.

Now the new iPod touch is available to buy via the official website of Apple. And you can choose the color you like from 6 colors including gold, silver, pink, red, blue, space gray. The new iPod touch is available for different models including a $199 model with a 16-gigabyte capacity, $249 model with 32 gigabytes and a $399 model with a 128-gigabyte capacity.

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iPod Touch 6 VS iPod Touch 5

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